Dr. Tehreem khan

An Ayurveda Practitioner & Healthcare, Lifestyle, Fitness, Wellness Consultant and Writer who believes in providing advance and easy methods of healing using Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom and Herbs. I have Practical experience of working with International Ayurvedic Health Care Organisation and Domestic clinics. I am adequately strong in the fundamental principles of Ayurveda for efficient results in Chronic Lifestyle disorders.

Miracle Oil

Miracle Oil Narayana Thailam is an ayurvedic polyherbal medicated oil made with Sesame Oil or Tila Taila as the main ingredient. It is one of the best massage oils, as it is enriched with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is excellent in pacifying Vata Dosha and symptoms of Vata disorders, especially in degenerative Osteoarthritis. It is a marvelous tonic …

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MAHABAISHAJYA – The Superior Medicine

MAHABAISHAJYA – The Superior Medicine Ayurveda is a unique science that helps in improving the quality of your life. It believes not only in treating a disease but also “prevent” it. And this can be achieved by following simple dietary & lifestyle patterns as per your Dosha, Age, Seasons, and Environment. Ayurveda gives utmost importance …

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Indian Gooseberry And Immunity

Indian Gooseberry And Immunity Amla or Amalaki or The “Indian Gooseberry” (EMBILICA OFFICINALIS) is one of the most beneficial fruit found in India. It is used as a major ingredient in many Ayurvedic formulations due to its enormous health benefits & medicinal properties. Amla is the rich of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. As per Ayurveda …

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Yo Yo Gut !!

Dr. Tehreem Khan suggests that yoghurt/curd Is not recommended during Winters & Monsoons as it produces Kapha, Blocks Sinuses, Makes You Prone To Cough, Cold and Allergies.Yoghurt is considered a “super food” and there are many who love having it “daily”. Yoghurt is consumed for one or more of the following reasons- 🗹 Considered as …

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