Want to know more about food in Ayurveda?

Join the course to begin to learn how to apply Ayurveda food principles for creating personalised diets

Course Overview

Want to know more on how you can make your life better with Ayurvedic Dietetics ? Join in the course we’re conducting to get an actual overview on what Ayurveda Dietetics is and how it can benefit you

Duration :    9 hour basic course

Date :            22 April 2021 – 28 April 2021

Timings :      4pm – 5:30Pm IST daily (i.e except 25th April)

Course Curriculum

Day 1

Introduction to Ayurveda, Prakruti of Upayokta, Prakruti and genomics.

Assignment #1 : Prakruthi self-assessment

Day 2

Prakruthi self-assessment discussion, Prakruti of food, with relation to modern biochemistry.

Day 3

Ayurveda concept of nourishment: agni, dhatu; their relation to modern biochemistry, Dietary rules

Assignment #2: Design-a-diet

Day 4

Design-a-diet assignment discussion, Ayurveda dietetics for pregnancy and infant health

Day 5

Ayurveda dietetics for brain health and iron-deficiency anaemia

Day 6

Ayurveda dietetics for diabetes, Open discussion

Read What Others Have To Say

“Really very informative for a beginner like me. Would like to have deeper knowledge on this now”
July 2020
“Actually complete for the introductory level. It will be great if such short modules could be developed for more levels, so that working professionals can take it up.”
IDA Bangalore, July 2020
“suggestion- to share recordings of the sessions and keep it open for atleast a month post the course. considering this to be a new topic it would benefit learning.”
Nutrition professional
August 2020
"The games were interesting , initially confusing but slowly after turning pages and finding answers it was like a revision. The best part I liked, the instructors were calm and they gave us the revision of each topic again and again before moving ahead. I felt good learning different Sanskrit words and now can relate with whatever i read about Ayurveda . THANKS so much for imparting such great knowledge. Gratitude!!!”
Food enthusiast
December 2020
“Learned so so much in these few days, it was unexpected! Only wish the course was longer in duration, I was thoroughly enjoying learning from our immensely knowledgable mentors. However, really appreciate that we can reach out to them on email whenever we have a doubt in future. Thank you!”
Yoga therapist
February 2021

Registration Dates

Registration Dates :       15 March 2021 – 28 April 2021

Early Bird Discount :       20 March 2021 – 17 April 2021

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₹ 1180 (Valid student ID needed)
Early Bird - ₹800
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Non-Student Plan

₹ 2360 (includes 18% GST)
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TDU was established as an innovation centered University focused on designing and delivering research, outreach and education focused on social transformation aligned to emerging and futuristic needs. A first of its kind in India, TDU’s uniqueness stems from the fact that while the University itself has core strength in Ayurveda-Biology, Clinical medicine, Medicinal plants systematics, Plant Genomics, Data Sciences, Local Health Traditions, Theoretical Foundations of Ayurveda, Traditional Knowledge informatics and Manuscriptology, it has institutional academic relationships with outstanding knowledge partners in fields like Design (Srishti), Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bioinformatics (IBAB), Conservation of Coastal, Marine and Mountain Ecosystems (Dakshin Foundation), Biological Sciences (NCBS-TIFR), Stem Cell Biology (InStem), Inter-disciplinary Studies (NIAS), Cinema (Suchitra), Public health (IPH), Education and Pedagogy (Poorna), Medical Research (SJRI), and Policy Studies (Takshashila). Thus, the TDU ecosystem has the capacity to offer programs that combine subjects related to natural and social sciences, design, cinema, education, health sciences, conservation and fine arts.

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TDU provides uncommon opportunity to students and researchers to learn and undertake research in areas that correspond to its core strengths and that of its knowledge partners in fields such as conservation, life sciences, integrative health sciences, policy, education, bioinformatics, cinema, public health, ethno-veterinary science, information technology, art and design. One of the unique features of research at TDU is that all of its focus is on combining improving knowledge and practice that is socially relevant and that provides the basis for national and international policy-making. The University aims to capitalize its unique methodology of co-constructing and co-creating new knowledge, and contribute to the education of a new generation of researchers and change agents in their own communities and on the world stage, through a focused and a large PhD program.

Course Instructors

Dr. Madhumitha Krishnan MD (Ayurveda)

A consultant Ayurveda Paediatrician. She has a special interest in educating mothers about the advantages of Ayurveda techniques in the care of newborn. Her research interests include management of children with Cerebral Palsy. Currently practicing in Bengaluru

Megha Ph.D

Biochemistry and Structural Biology from Stony Brook University, New York. Associate Professor at Centre For Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition. Active researcher in the area of malnutrition, with keen interest in public health nutrition and identifying how traditional food knowledge can be integrated with modern biochemistry.