Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurveda is practiced across India and abroad with the common aim of providing a holistic healthcare care system by suggesting ways to attain equilibrium between the body, mind and soul.

Panchakarma is practiced by many Ayurveda physicians and related treatment procedures form an integral part of the treatment program.

Abhyanga is one of the most integral components of Panchakarma. Abhyanga involves massaging the entire body with warm oils by applying specific strokes. 

Oil is the central component of this practice. When combined with massage strokes, it’s thought to promote overall health and wellness. Most of the time the oils used are medicated with different medicinal herbs depending upon the body and disease condition.

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Abhyanga & Swedam

Traditional Ayurveda relaxing body massage is done using medicated oils. It stimulates circulation, mobilizes and pacifies toxins, nourishes the skin and tones up the muscles followed by medicated steam.


Deep tissue massage is designed explicitly for muscles like athletes, fitness fanatics, etc. It involves the application of sustained pressure with deep strokes to target deeper muscles.

Head, Foot & Shoulder Massage

Massage is done for specific regions for relaxation and feeling of wellness and sleeplessness.


Massage is done to the feet which gives soothing, revitalizing and calming effect to the entire body.


Pinda Sweda

Pinda Sweda refers to the treatment that involves gentle oil massage followed by fomentation to the body using a bolus prepared from a variety of medicinal plants/ powders (with or without application of oils) in a combination of other conventional drugs.

Shastikashali Pinda Sweda

Shastikashali Pinda Sweda is a type of Ayurvedic treatment in which a sweat-inducing massage is given using a preparation containing milk processed with herbs and navara shali (a special type of rice).

Abhyanga Parisheka/ Kashayaseka/ Kashayadhara

Procedure of poring warm herbal decoction in a continuous stream over the body preceded by traditional massage.


Spine & Joint Care

Janu Basti - Unique Therapy For Knee Care
(Both Joints)

An external palliative and anti-inflammatory treatment to the knee joints. It reduces pain and weakness of the knee joints, strengthens & lubricates joint spaces and ligaments, and is helpful in degenerative arthritis and non-specific arthritis very suitable for maintenance of good joint function in athletes and sportspersons.

Bahu Basti/ Janu Basti (Single Joint)

An external palliative and anti-inflammatory treatment to the knee joints. It reduces pain and weakness of the knee joints, strengthens & lubricates joint spaces and ligaments, helpful in frozen shoulder, degenerative arthritis and other pain-related conditions.

Kati Basti
(Unique Therapy For Low Back Health)

An external treatment for degenerative diseases of the spine. It reduces inflammation, strengthens the low back muscles, relieves strain and pain due to bad posture, over-weight, spondylosis and other spinal disorders.

Greeva Basti
(Therapy For Neck Care)

An external palliative and rejuvenating treatment done locally in the cervical region. It reduces pain, and stiffness and strengthens the neck and shoulder region.

Abhyanga - Spine

Massage done for the relaxation of spinal stress.



Dhanyamladhara is a special kind of Ayurveda therapy done using fermented liquid prepared using cereals, medicinal herbs, etc., and is poured over effected body part in a continuous stream. Highly beneficial in obesity and pain arising from inflammation, musculoskeletal & neurological disorders.

Sarvanga Takra/ Ksheera Dhara

Continuous and study pouring of warm medicated milk/ buttermilk/ herbal decoction or other medicated liquids all over the body. Mainly indicated in skin disorders and other neurological disorders.

Udwartana/ Utsaadana

Powder Massage with or without oils using course powder with a combination of medicinal herbs that aid in improving circulation. Beneficial in weight management, certain vascular and neurological condition.


(Ayurveda Bio-Purificatory Therapies)

Panchakarma is a 5 pronged bio-purification therapy which is a unique Ayurveda treatment tailored for various ailments depending on the body and health status of individuals by selecting specific herbal formulations and diet patterns. It is one among the ancient Ayurveda treatments for improving immunity, boosting the metabolism and thereby maintaining the health & disease-free state.

Vamana - Therapeutic Emesis

Virechana - Therapeutic Purgation

Nasya - Errhine Tharapy/ Nasal Drops

Raktamokshana - Bloodletting/ Leech Therapy