Monsoon Diet

Monsoon Diet

Monsoon Diet Seasons in Ayurveda are called ‘ritus’. The ritus are Varsha (monsoon), Sharad (autumn), Hemantha (winter), Shishira (late winter), Grishma (summer), and Vasanta (spring). Shishira, Vasantha, and Grishmaritus are called the Adana Kala. Varsha, Sharad, and Hemantharitus are called Visarga Kala. In other words during the Visargakala, the sun is facing towards the south …

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Cough – A View In Ayurveda

Cough – A View In Ayurveda Cough is a reflex mechanism that constitutes sudden expulsion of air which helps eliminate foreign particles from the breathing passages and lungs. Common triggers are- viruses (irritate the lungs), allergies (lung tissues overreact), irritants like cold air, cigarette smoke, strong perfumes, etc, Acid reflux, postnasal drip. A doctor’s attention …

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