Cough – A View In Ayurveda

Cough – A View In Ayurveda Cough is a reflex mechanism that constitutes sudden expulsion of air which helps eliminate foreign particles from the breathing passages and lungs. Common triggers are- viruses (irritate the lungs), allergies (lung tissues overreact), irritants like cold air, cigarette smoke, strong perfumes, etc, Acid reflux, postnasal drip. A doctor’s attention …

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Indian Gooseberry And Immunity

Indian Gooseberry And Immunity Amla or Amalaki or The “Indian Gooseberry” (EMBILICA OFFICINALIS) is one of the most beneficial fruit found in India. It is used as a major ingredient in many Ayurvedic formulations due to its enormous health benefits & medicinal properties. Amla is the rich of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. As per Ayurveda …

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Three Pillars Of Health

Three Pillars For A Happy Health Ayurveda touches all aspects of life – the mundane and those beyond physical existence. It perceives the gross and subtle at different junctures and proffers advice according to one’s propensity to align with them. To the seeker, Ayurveda makes available a comprehensive worldview for enriching one’s life. If one wants …

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Chyawanprash: Benefits And How To Take It

Benefits Of Chyawanprash Chyawanprash is packed with rich nutrients which help enhance immunity and fight against various bacteria and viruses and helps increase your energy and youthfulness. The product is believed to help reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. It is a time-tested herbal remedy the use of which has been mentioned in various …

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