Steam Sauna

Sarvanga Sweda – Steam Sauna

Sarvanga Sweda – Steam Sauna Body Therapy – Detoxification – Purification – Panchakarma A powerful new system for stress reduction and a healthier body! BENEFITS: Stimulates blood circulation Improves sleep Increases metabolism Heals colds and prevents gas Relaxes tired muscles and joints Prevents heart disease Improves circulation Eliminates fatigue Provides a cardiovascular workout Cleanses and …

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Miracle Oil

Miracle Oil Narayana Thailam is an ayurvedic polyherbal medicated oil made with Sesame Oil or Tila Taila as the main ingredient. It is one of the best massage oils, as it is enriched with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is excellent in pacifying Vata Dosha and symptoms of Vata disorders, especially in degenerative Osteoarthritis. It is a marvelous tonic …

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Match Making

Match Making

Match Making In Ayurveda, there is an important concept called Viruddhaahara. This term referrers to the incompatibility of certain food articles when consumed together. The concept of Viruddhaahara has important practical implications because incompatibility causes a lot of disturbances to the physiology of the body and gives rise to diseases of varied nature. Over 20 …

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