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Category: Yoga

05 October

Anti Aging Yoga (Step 3) With International Yoga & Wellness Icon Dr. Kamal Lengthy breath – Lengthy life There are many breathing techniques in Yoga. Here I present some of the most important Pranayama techniques for the expansion of Life Force Energy. Fire Breathing to Clear Negative Debris Sit on a chair or cross-legged. Bring […]

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01 October

Have you ever noticed people with stress look older than their biological age? In this busy world, Life is rushing, rushing, and always rushing. This causes immense stress imbalance and disharmony mentally & physically. Stress causes not only mental but also physical exhaustion. Stress depletes energy, vitality and…

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28 September

Anti Aging Yoga (Step 1) With International Yoga & Wellness Icon Dr. Kamal We take good care cleaning, servicing, and decorating our cars, our houses but forget to take care of the bodies that we live with for the rest of our life. We abuse our bodies by dumping lots of unhealthy foods, overeating causing […]

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