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Dr. Marvin Robbins


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⮚To pursue my career with the dream of being a  good academician and clinician under a reputed  institution like yours.  

⮚ Seeking a platform to utilize my skills and abilities  that offers professional growth, at the same time  enthusiastic about learning new methodology to  uplift Ayurveda by incorporating necessary  research advancement.


⮚ Graduated from prestigious S.D.M College of  Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan and Post graduation in the same institution in the subject of  Swasthavritha with 9th rank. 

⮚ Published 2 Research papers in UGC approved  research journals 

⮚ Worked on thesis topic “A Clinical study on the  effectiveness of Yava saktu with takra in  Madhumeha (Diabetes mellitus type-2)” 

⮚ Interested in making effective treatment protocols  with a combination of internal medication, dietetics  and meditation methods which I have found really  effective during my academic period. 

⮚ Experience in in planning various panchakarma  procedures and diet chart preparation for various  disease conditions. 

⮚ Have conducted various pilot studies to test the  efficacy of Brimhana Basti in Karshya to validate  the same and to get an in depth understanding of  the same. 

⮚ Have done youtube videos on various Ayurvedic  Topics.

Training & Credentials


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Special Interests

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