Giggles with Gargles

Giggles with Gargles

Giggles with Gargles

Smile is the first thing that makes us eye-catching among a group of people. Who doesn’t want a bright and shiny smile with good oral health? A healthy mouth is what helps us have the food we wish. A good breath and smile bring out the confidence in us. Gargling is one such method to achieve this. Let’s explore more about gargling.


– Sit in a comfortable, non-breezy area with morning sunlight.

– Perform mild massage and sudation over head, neck, and shoulders for 5 minutes.

– Hold the suitable liquid in the mouth either by moving the liquid to and fro as in a procedure called Kavala or by not moving it to and fro as in Gandusha.

– Liquid should be a mouthful for Gandusha and half/one-third/one-fourth for Kavala.

– Continue the procedure until watery discharge occurs from the eyes and nose.

– Avoid talking until the procedure is completed.

Giggles with Gargles


– Warm water – lightness of mouth

– Alkaline water – breaks the accumulation of Kapha in the mouth

– Dhanyamla (fermented grain wash) – reduces dryness of the mouth, relieves bad taste and smell.

– Honey or honey + water – removes dirt, helps heal mouth ulcers, relieves burning sensation and thirst.

– Ghee/milk – heals ulcers, injuries, reduces burning sensation

– Sesame oil or mutton soup is helpful for regular use

– Drugs that are sweet, sour, and salt in taste like oil, ghee, milk are helpful in curing Vata-type diseases.

– Drugs that are sweet, bitter, and astringent in taste like a pointed gourd, neem, mango, Jamun, sugar cane, sugar + water are helpful in Pitta-type diseases.

– Drugs that are bitter, sour, and salt in taste with hot potency like dhanyamla helps relieve kappa-related problems.


– Bad breath

– Looseness of teeth

– Mouth ulcers

– Dryness of mouth

– Excessive salivation

– Anorexia (Do not feel like eating)

– Nausea

– Cold

– Mouth and throat problems

– Ear and eye discomforts

– Head disease

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