Indian Gooseberry And Immunity

Indian Gooseberry And Immunity

Amla or Amalaki or The “Indian Gooseberry” (EMBILICA OFFICINALIS) is one of the most beneficial fruit found in India. It is used as a major ingredient in many Ayurvedic formulations due to its enormous health benefits & medicinal properties. Amla is the rich of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. As per Ayurveda it is called as Rasayana because of its natural anti – ageing, rejuvenating & intelligence promoting properties.

It balances al 3 doshas of the body i.e. Vata, Pitta, kapha. Hence, It is works as an all-rounder for overall health and is suitable for all ages. It acts as a herbal tonic for maintaining good vision, Improving digestion, Improving skin complexion & glow, physical strength & Immunity. It is beneficial in skin & hair disorders, itching, fighting dandruffs & premature greying of hairs.

Amla can be consumed in various forms i.e Powder or Churna, Vati or tablet, Juice or pickles. If fresh Amla is available during season it can be taken in chutney or salad form. Amla powder can also be applied locally as a home remedy for premature greying of hairs & dandruff along mixed with coconut oil or almond oil.

Best way to consume Amla is in chaywanprasha form, especially during winters. Another best formulation of amla is Amalaki Rasayana. It is an authentic and classical Ayurvedic preparation that is also used as treatment for its rejuvenation, immunomodulatory, anti – ageing & antioxidant properties. It improves organs function and fights against free radicals in the body thus reduces signs of ageing.

Why Rasayana ?

Rasayana is a therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda that is meant for deep level rejuvenation, replenishment and anti-ageing. It means attaining excellent quality of rasa and other dhatus i.e fluids & other bodily tissues. Rasayana denotes nutrition at cellular level from micro to macro level which brings about normalcy & stability in body’s function. It ideally provides nourishment, repairs cellular & tissue damage, increases strength, boosts immunity & metabolism. It has profound healing effect on body thus helps in preventing many diseases & increasing longevity naturally.

Some rasayana drugs help to promote health and some help in treating diseases. Below are some major Rasayanic herbs mentioned by ayurvedic scholars i.e Amalaki Rasayana (Emblica officinalis), Aswagandha Rasayana (withania somnifera), Brahmi Rasayana (Bacopa monnieri), Shankhapushpi Rasayana (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Guduchi Rasayana (Tinospora cordifolia) and Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Amalaka Rasayana's Benefits Also Include :

Digestion and Gastritis:

Amalaka Rasayana has cooling and pitta reducing property hence it is effective Gastritis, GERD or acid reflux, Peptic Ulcers, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) formation of ulcers and hepatitis.

Mind & Headaches:

Amalaka Rasayana is an excellent mind tonic and has calming effects on nerves. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, irritability. It reduces mental fatigue, improves memory, improves focus and induces sound sleep .It also relieves headaches caused due to heat.

Skin :

It rejuvenates skin cells and  helps against wrinkles, sun burn, premature skin ageing. It is good in acne, blemishes and promotes skin glow.


Regular consumption of Amalaka Rasayana helps in improving eye fatigue, burning sensation in eyes, eye irritation, double vision, redness of eyes, weak eyesight and ocular hypertension.


Amalaka Rasayana is a natural haematinic property i.e. it increases Haemoglobin levels and red blood cells count.

Hair Problems:

Aids is reducing premature greying, dandruff and hair fall.

Respiratory Problems:

It is beneficial to consume amalaka rasayana for chronic respiratory problems like cough, cold, allergies & fever due to seasonal change and other infections to build immunity. It is good to consume it post infection and illness as it helps in rejuvenation, improving physical strength and energy.

Reproductive Health:

Amalaka rasayana has Aprodiasiac property i.e improves sexual vigour and vitality.

Amalaka Rasyana's Dosage

6 Grams should be taken twice a day, 1/2 an hour before meals or as prescribed by a physician.

Rasyana's Precautions

For patients with heart conditions its recommended to consume the Rasayana through a doctor’s prescription.

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