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Dr Shveta Chhoker

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Dr. Shveta Chhoker is a qualified and experienced Ayurveda practitioner who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Punjab University in Chandigarh, India. She is also a qualified Naturopath and has completed her Yoga Teacher Training. She has worked as a Medical Officer and Ayurvedic Consultant in various well-known Ayurvedic clinics in Chandigarh and on a number of health programs for NGOs in India.

She is an expert in Nadi Pariksha, Prakirti Vinischay (identifying one’s body type), and Panchakarma treatment and therapies and has successfully healed countless patients with chronic health issues using Ayurvedic approaches. Her mission is to enlighten people so that they can lead a stress free and healthy life full of contentment physically as well as spiritually.