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Dr.Vasishth’s AyuRemedies

Dr.Vasishth’s is playing a unique role of improving lives by offering effective and disease-modifying ayurveda healthcare products. It is essentially owing to the innovation of a broad range of products customized to strike at the very root of the disease processes.

Our sole purpose is to improve lives – present and future, through effective and disease-modifying ayurveda healthcare products.

We believe life being above everything else needs to be preserved, promoted and improved, always. No single system of medicine has been able to do so on its own, and hence the need to invoke everything possible – ancient or modern. The scope to improve life therefore exists always.

We take on challenges to fuse the ancient wisdom of ayurveda with the latest advancements in science to meet this end. And, we do all that not as a pure business, but a way to serve humanity. That drives us to work each day. That motivates us to scientific meticulousness, sound ethics, and innovations

We take pride in ourselves, our approach, and our work. We may look different, but we are one. We are Dr.Vasishth’s!