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RISA - Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda Restoration Hospital (RISA)​

Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda Restoration Hospital (RISA)

RISA is a rare Ayurveda-based integrative health care center that brings together the best that traditional medicine (Ayurveda) and modern medicine (Allopathy) have to offer.  It is attached to the 700-bed Ramaiah Memorial Hospital located within the campus.  The center has access to services like Emergency Care, ICU Facilities, Physiotherapy, Diagnostics, Laboratory Services, and other cutting-edge medical technologies.

Now, it rises to another level, courtesy of its partnership with VedaLife.me, offering tele-health services to its existing and prospective new clientele, all across India, Malaysia and the world.

RISA is led By Dr. G G Gangadharan, a reputed Ayurvedic physician who has dedicated his life to channeling the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda towards achieving the wellness and well-being of mankind.*

Through his work in the research, development and publication of path-breaking studies and monographs, Dr GG has made significant contributions to the revival of the Indian System of Medicine and to local health traditions. An expert in authentic Ayurvedic methods of diagnosis, including pulse diagnosis or Nadipariksha, Dr GG is also known for his ingenuity in treating chronic ailments and lifestyle disorders.*


Master of Management, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2014

Ph.D, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, 2013

Fellow of Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Ashoka Trust, USA, 2000

Ayurvedacharya’ Ayurveda Medical Degree, Madras University, 1985

Areas Of Specialization

Research and treatment of lifestyle diseases like osteoarthritis, diabetes, IBS, substance addictions, cardiovascular conditions, stroke and obesity


Uses his stature to influence public and government opinion on traditional Indian healthcare practices; has held many advisory positions in the state and union governments of India

Results of one of his research projects have been published by the prestigious Nature magazine https://www.nature.com/articles/srep15786

Has conducted training programs and presented papers in the US, UK, Germany, China, Nepal, Italy, Hong Kong, etc.

Author of 3 research projects, 12 research articles, 13 primary papers and 6 books.

Was the National Convener of the World Ayurveda Congress, 2002 and 2010

Past Experiences

Additional Director, Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (I-AIM)

Vice President, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (P) Ltd.

Founder President, Centre for Innovation in Science & Social Action (CISSA)

Deputy Chairman, AVR Educational Foundation of Ayurveda – an Educational & Research Institute on Ayurveda

* Although a practicing Doctor in India, Prof Dr. G G Gangadharan is not licensed within the United States.*


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