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Yamini Nair, Reiki Grand Master Claimed

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I am a Certified “Reiki International Grand Master”. I have been practicing and preaching Reiki over the years now. Within a very short span of time, we were able to build and generate confidence and happiness among many for Reiki Spiritual Healing from all over the World.

Our distant healing process is online with a video conferencing mode. We bring and try to retain the best of your smile, with our Authentic approach of healing. The most important part is, your 100% presence during the process of healing which is required to heal you better. As said, “together we can achieve success”.

Take Care, Stay Healthy and Happy!

7 Reviews for Yamini Nair, Reiki Grand Master

Vandana Singh 1 Reviews
Great and Awesome

Its been wonderful undergoing Reki Level 1 training. It was really very clear and understanding the way the program has been designed., and it was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed very much, and thank you so much for the Reki Level 1 training.

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A.Nagarathna 1 Reviews
Excellent Training Session

The Reiki Level 1 training was very excellent and the way the training program has been designed really helped me a lot. Am practicing at Home and i could see a lot of changes at my personal life. Most important thing is, you are available for any suggestions most of the time whenever we approach you. Thank you and Namaste.

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Ragini Bhandi 1 Reviews
A Blissful Experience

It was a wonderful experience learning Reiki Level 1. The way the subject was communicated was very extraordinary. The training is helping me a lot especially in balancing my life at both personal and at professional end. Will look forward towards learning further Levels. Thank you.

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G.Raghavender 1 Reviews
Very Good

It has been a great experience learning Reiki Level 1. Appreciate the patience and the dedication towards making me understand the various concepts and techniques of healing. It was a great experience. Thank you so much.

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Naveen 1 Reviews

Firstly, Visiting Ayurmegha is an absolute MUST for those on a spiritual journey.

By coincident, after a very intense experience with negative energy. I met Yamini Nair who listened carefully to what had happened to me, and knew exactly what needed to be done. 
I had 2 reiki sessions over two days, and i can honestly say i feel PHENOMENAL! 
It was my first time having a reiki healing session. After the second one, my whole body was vibrating, i could feel the energy flowing through me… such a profound experience.

Yamini Nair was very nurturing and made sure i was comfortable. This is the real deal.

My words cant do it justice.. If youre reading this and are interested in spirituality, take this as a sign. VISIT! ◦

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Sowmya G 1 Reviews
I manifested my Guru who helped me in

I feel blessed that I met Yamini and I know the reason now. She was the first person who introduced Reiki to me and I have no words to express how my life changed after getting introduced to Reiki with the help of this lady. It’s just going beautiful in all means and I’m enjoying it. Attention to detail, patience, politeness, was remarkable while attending the Reiki session with Yamini. caring nature, following up to check on things in a friendly approach. I just love this lady from the moon to the back. For anything, she definitely has a solution and such a mind-blowing motivator. If anyone in search of Reiki guidance, then I blindly suggest Yamini. She has a practical approach in guiding rather than following only the theory part which really helps in connecting the dots of all the queries we get while in process of healing or practicing Reiki and love the process itself.

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Sangeetha Sai 1 Reviews
It was an awesome wonderful experience.

A Fantastic Reiki Experience… Yamini was my very first experience with reiki and she gave me a great first session. I think Yamini’s caring demeanour really put me at ease at the beginning of the session, and she explained everything about how the session was going to proceed before she got started. While she checked each of my chakras, she explained that process too. The reiki healing itself was very effective in terms of how I felt afterwards, and Yamini gave me great tips on what to do after the session to maximise its benefits. For anyone curious about reiki and healing in general, I thoroughly recommend a session with Yamini. She is experienced in what she does and on top of that, is a wonderful and kind human being.

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