About VedaLife and Ayurmegha

There are 3 reasons to start (or continue) your Ayurvedic journey with VedaLife

  1. Right Reasons: We started with Ayurveda in mind, and 'fell into' product sales. We are in this to advance the science, and make following it achievable world-over. We are NOT here to push pills.
  2. Easy: In our busy modern world we need to keep practicing Ayurveda easy. From 24 hour online access to practitioners, to our online Wellness tracker, to a regular subscription model.  We want to provide you with all you need to build routine, track progress, respond to any setbacks or emergencies, and live your optimal life.
  3. Authentic:
    • We source our product only from the most pristine farms, forests, and fields, which have been hand tended by Ayurveda farmers for over a century
    • Our facilities far exceed all standards required for food preparation and export, are ISO-9001 certified, and produce only GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified, vegan, and 100% natural items.
    • Our in-house practitioners come from only the most prestigious of Ayurvedic institutions, and live and practice right in southern India -- the heart of ongoing Ayurvedic innovation.
    The story of VedaLife starts with it's parent Ayurmegha

    Ayurmegha Inc Logo

    Ayurmegha started as an App, built in relation with Salesforce bring high-technology to Ayurveda and to help Physicians and Ayurvedic Practitioners better understand their client's (patient's) history. In it's next evolution we aimed to make it easier for Ayurveda followers to more easily understand their own constitution, plan their meals, and track and hone their physical well-being.  Finally, this grew into an even broader holistic solution with the realization that even the greatest guidance in the world is useless if you can't get the products required.

    So VedaLife, the Consumer Products arm of Ayurmegha was born. 

    VedaLife logo and name.  Morter and Pestle Background, White

    Tapping into local farms, fields, and harvesting and packaging facilities with over a century of Ayurvedic production experience, Ayurmegha crafted it's consumer offering -- VedaLife.  Our facilities and partners are very deliberately and diligently selected -- run by multi-generation families, ISO 9001 certified, and Indian Ministry of AYUSH approved.  Our products are 100% Natural, Gluten Free, and Vegan.  No GMO products or substances will ever touch the products delivered to you. Everything comes direct from India, NOT from American labs or undernourished fields adjacent to hormone-enhanced Cannabis fields.

    Case in point -- B.V Pundit, the manufacturer of many VedaLife products.  Renowned throughout southern India and the Bangalore area for over a century, they are more than just a GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Process certification awarded by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) and AYUSH certified supplements manufacturer. They also employ dozens of Ayurvedic doctors and operate an Ayurvedic clinic to which people across southern India travel to for top-flight treatment and Ayurvedic consultation.

    Ayurveda is Wellness' past, present and future. So get off on the right foot with VedaLife.  To see how, read up on how to get started here, and please check out our products here

    VedaLife: Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Accessibility.