About VedaLife.me's VihHara Ayurvedic Training Program

The core value VedaLife.me offers lies in our Vaidya, and it's their their skill and their knowlege that keeps you healthy and everyone successfull.  You can't afford to waste your time or put your wellness in the hands of anyone but the best, and we can't afford to be associated with any Vaidya who doesn't stand head and shoulders above their coworkers.

As such we formed VedaLife.me VihHara, an Ayurvedic Training and Certification regimen build for our Vaidyas.  It is a rigorous selection and training process which insures you meet only with the best.  This is what it demands:

4 year undergraduate degree in Ayurvedic Medicine

Masters degree in Ayurvedic Medicine

Field Experience: Minimum 2 years internship & residency in an Ayurvedic Clinic

Licensed and Certified in India

English Fluency

US Medical and Privacy Law Trained

Teleconference Technology Qualifications

 Vedalife.me VihHara Certification Logo and Underpinnings