Dietary Supplements and Topical Applications (Balms, Rubs, Oils, etc.)

Thanks to our partnership with Kottakal, we can get you discounted, priority access to India's most trusted and revered provider or Ayurvedic products. 

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While meeting your Vaidya, you may discuss one or more Dietary Supplement options.  Should you wish to procure any supplements, check your Portal for more information on these products, our code to secure you a 10% discount, and links to order.  

Functional Waters

A new and exceptionally ingenious product is hitting America's shores, and VedaLife is honored to be among a very small group of Ayurveda Influencers and Implementers in America chosen to carry it.  The recipes blended by Ayurvedic scientists to craft a 100% natural and 100% effective refreshment source are like no other product available in the US market. 

Give us a few more weeks and we'll have them online and available here.  For now, please check out their website,