Ayurveda In The New World

The foundation of a strong relationship between Vaidya and a Customer is built on trust. In today's world customers around the globe rely on Telehealth for Ayurveda consultations. 

Telehealth aims to meet the needs of today’s healthcare consumers and has the capacity to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. It supports efforts to significantly improve the quality of healthcare by increasing accessibility and efficiency through reducing the need to travel, providing clinical support, overcoming geographic barriers, offering various types of communication devices, and improving outcomes. Given the current focus on efforts to contain costs, improve the delivery of care to all segments of the population, and meet consumer demand, Telehealth is an attractive tool to use for success in these areas.

The very foundation of trust can be broken with poor technology when customers are not clear about the destination of their personal health data. One can find several examples of lawsuits and class action suits when organizations do not take patient health data seriously. Poor security measures in Tele Health services can have an adverse impact on the quality of care provided,

Trust is built with patients when consultations are provided in a private and secure environment. 

We take pride in not only bringing a platform exclusively for Ayurveda practitioners but also for designing a secure platform that meets global standards that includes NABH, NAMC, HIPAA and GDPR standards.

It's easy and simple to sign up. Please click on the button and choose an easy subscription plan to use our Ayurmegha platform. We have two easy plans for you

Monthly Subscription - 1750 + 18% GST 


Yearly Subscription -   19,250 + 18% GST (One Month is on us) 


Subscription is for Ayurmegha platform only. Telehealth service charges are billed on a per consultation basis. If you have any questions, please reach us at subscriptions@vedalife.me