VedaLife VihHara - Our Ayurvedic Certification Program

The US Health Department and States' Medical Boards have been slow to acknowledge the efficacy and cost-efficiency of Ayurveda. However times are changing, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is starting to win some recognition and inclusion,
BUT there remains ZERO effective regulation to protect you from scams, bad advice, and financial exploitation.
For that reason, VedaLife launched our own certification program: VedaLife VihAra (VedaLife Academy).

VedaLife VihHara

Learned ('lər-​nəd, not 'lərnd)We're the first to admit that Ayurveda has gotten a bad 'rap' here in the States.

And as an industry, it's been our own fault. 5,000 years of study, analysis and testing can not be taught in a 10 month class! But that's exactly what most Ayurveda in America has been reduced to. No More!

Our Vaidya are the real deal. They've undergone at a bare minimum 5 years rigourous Ayurveda-Specific education at prestigious and Indian Ministry of AYUSH recognized Graduate and Undergraduate institutions. If we are going to win your trust, we need to make sure we offer you only the most elite of Ayurvedic experts.

ProvenA great education is one thing, but putting that knowledge to work is more critical

We don't leave that to chance or assumption. Instead, at VedaLife we require Education, Internship, Residency, and then at least a further 2-years of in-field Ayurvedic clinic experience, before our Vaidya are even considered for certification and employment.

So while some of our Vaidya look young (they are Ayurveda experts!) they're already well proven. In India no less -- the forefront of Ayurvedic leadership. 

Acculturated: If not relatable, and not well communicated, then it's just not worth your money.

So we make sure you get the right guidance, at the best value:

  1. First by making sure we understand you, your background, the stresses you face, society you live in, and the comforts you find and hobbies in which you find respite.
  2. ​Then by making sure we can deliver that message in relatable terms and direct, clear communication.