ZBackup_VedaLife Vaidyas (Sanskrit for 'Doctor')

The more you know of Ayurveda the better you can take charge of your wellness.  Reach out and speak to a licensed and degreed Ayurvedic Doctor, work with us to bring you a 100% personalized solution straight from India, etc.

You Needn't Travel to India anymore to meet with the best Ayurvedic 'Vaidya'.

Until recently, you would have to hop on a jet and cordon off 2 days and $4,000 for travel in order to meet with any of the leading Ayurvedic practitioners.  India is where the "rubber meets the road" in Ayurvedic  science, supported by an fully invested government, and advanced by a storied and competitive network of elite Ayurvedic academic and scientific institutions.  

But America, was literally on the other side of the world.  Key Word: "WAS" on the other side of the world."  Today, we are separated no more -- courtesy of internet technology, global shipping advancements, the growth of Yoga and its core principles, and finally the investment of local American botanical farmers. 

Ayurveda is finally a practical healthcare alternative here in the United States, and we can offer you the most convenient, affordable, and leading edge start and planning resources.

Access, Convenience, Security

Our practitioners are at your fingertips, and at your convenience, over 18 hours a day.   

ET:  6:30 AM to   1 AM

CT:  5:30 AM to  12 AM

MT: 4:30AM to  11 PM

PT:  3:30 AM to 10 PM

All you need to get started is a decent internet connection and a phone or camera-equipped computer (click for detailed system requirements). 

All your communications are run through secure HIPAA compliant channels, and all the information you will enter into patient records is protected by industry leading SalesForce.

Your records will be kept securely in the cloud, always at your and your chosen practitioner's fingertips,  If you decide to purchase any supplements, your practitioner can arrange that and we can get you supplied in as little as 1 day (depending on the item). 

Click here to see the first available practitioner, or review the information below and on their individual pages to book a consultation with the practitioner of your choice.

Listed in alphabetical order by first name:

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