According to Ayurveda, Diabetes is known as Prameha.

Causes of Prameha:

– Aasyashuka – Eating at a person’s will.

– Swapna Sukha – Addiction to the pleasure of sedentary habits and sleep.

– Dadhi – Excess intake of curds.

– Gramya Udaka Aanupa Rasa – Soup of meat of domesticated and aquatic animals and animals from marshy land.

– Payas – Excess intake of milk and its product preparations.

– Navanna – Freshly harvested grains.

– Nava pana – Freshly prepared alcoholic drinks.

– Guda vaikrtam – Preparations of jaggery.

– All Kapha- Aggravating factors.

Premonitory Signs and Symptoms:

– Sweating.

– Bad body odour.

– Flabbiness of body.

– Liking for constantly lying on the bed, feeling sedentary.

– Sleeping and leading an easy life.

– A feeling as if the heart region is covered with some paste/coating.

– Exudation of excreta from eyes, tongue, and ears.

– Bulkiness of the body.

– Excessive growth of hair and nails.

– Liking cold things.

– Dryness of the tongue and throat.

– Sweet taste in the mouth.

– Burning sensation on hands and legs.

– Swarming of ants on urine

Food for Patient Suffering from Prameha:

– Turmeric along with the juice of Amalaki.

– Mantha (flour of different types of corn mixed with water).

– Kashaya (herbal decoctions).

– Barley powder.

– Avaleha prepared of barley and such other light-to-digest eatables.

– Purana Shali – Old rice cooked and mixed with the soup of green gram, etc. and preparations of bitter vegetables.


Importance of Barley

Barley should constitute the principal ingredient of the diet of the patient suffering from Prameha.

The patient suffering from Kaphaja Prameha should take eatables prepared by barley mixed with honey.

Barley is soaked in Triphala Kashaya and is kept overnight. It is mixed with honey. It is a nourishing (Tarpana) diet.

It is taken by the patient suffering from Prameha regularly to overcome the disease.

Barley is soaked separately with each of the decoctions prescribed for the treatment of Kaphaja Prameha and taken by the Patient in form of Saktu (Roasted flour), Apupa (pan-cake), Dhana (fried barely), and other types of eatables along with jaggery.

The Wonder Decoction



Vishala – Citrullus colocynthis

Musta – Cyperus rotundus

These 4 ingredients are mixed with the paste of turmeric and honey.

Intake of this decoction cures all types of Prameha, even when these are manifested in acute form.

Special Water to Drink

– Sarodaka (water boiled with the heart wood of Khadira (Acacia catechu).

– Kushodaka (water boiled with Kusha),

– Madhudaka (water mixed with Honey),

– Triphala Rasa (juice or kashaya of Triphala)

Habits Do Make a Difference

People who habitually consume roasted barley, dry corn flour, Mudga, green gram, Averrhoa carambola, and Amalaki do not suffer from Prameha, Svitra (Leucoderma), Krcchra (drysuria), and Kaphaja Kustha (skin diseases caused by Kapha).

Exercise and Other Regimens

Pramehas can be cured by different types of strenuous exercise, unction, bath, a sprinkling of water over the body, and application of ointment made of Sevya (Usheera), Tvak (Cinnamon), Ela (cardamom), Agaru, Chandana (Sandalwood), etc.

Simple and Clear

Different types of Prameha caused by over-nourishment are alleviated by administering elimination therapies, Aristas (a type of wine), decoctions, various types of linctus, and exercise for mind and body.

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