Seven Steps For Optimum Health

Seven Steps For Optimum Health

Seven Steps For Optimum Health

Making proper diet and lifestyle changes can bring about a healthier and fitter body and a balanced mind. One can get the best out of themselves by adapting the ideas in the following 7 ways.

Heal Your Body As A Whole

  1. Do not isolate your symptoms. 
  2. Every system and every organ in your body works together as a whole. 
  3. We must maintain health in all the systems, working together efficiently, in order to experience optimum health.

Support the 7 Avenues of Elimination

Open up the 7 avenues of elimination – liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, skin, circulatory system, and lymphatic system.

Practice Proper Food Combining

  1. Always eat fruits alone. 
  2. Do not mix high-protein food with starchy food. 
  3. Eat a salad and/or any vegetable along with a protein meal. 
  4. Eat a starchy meal with a salad and/or any vegetable. 
  5. Avoid drinking large quantities of liquids before and after meals. 
  6. Chew your food thoroughly; the digestive process starts from the mouth itself.

Eat Enzyme Rich Foods

  1. Enzymes can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables, raw or soaked nuts & seeds, and all sprouts.
  2. Enzymes are vital for fat loss, vitality, longevity, and immune system function.
Seven Steps For Optimum Health

Consume Essential Fats and Oils

  1. The main source for Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is flax seed oil (use 1-3 teaspoons daily. Do not Heat).
  2. The essential oils support the immune system, raise the metabolism and help balance hormone production – a must for stress reduction. 
  3. Use olive oil or clarified butter (ghee) for cooking. 
  4. Avoid all hydrogenated oils and animal fats.

Exercise Regularly

  1. Do any form of movement 3 to 5 times a week for maximum oxygen uptake, delivery of nutrients to the cells, and to enhance detoxification & circulation. 
  2. Walking, trampolining, biking, running, swimming, and yoga are all excellent.

Don’t Count Calories

  1. Most diseases and being overweight is a lack of energy (nutrients) at the cellular level. 
  2. Your body needs nutritious food with energy potential to function properly and efficiently. 
  3. A body in balance is a healthy body and has no need to carry excess pounds of fat.

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