Shiro Dhara with Takka

Summer Package – Beat the Heat

Summer Package – Beat the Heat 1. Shiro Dhara with Takka Pouring medicated buttermilk over the forehead in an oscillatory manner for 45 minutes. Indications: Anxiety, Neurosis, sleeplessness, hypertension, paralysis, premature graying/baldness, stress, neurological headaches, etc. Benefits: Calmness of the mind and reduces heat in the body. 2. Sarvanga Takra DharaSarvanga Takra Dhara Pouring medicated …

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Ajeerna What is Ajeerna Roga? It is a state of illness of the digestive system which occurs as a sequel (or secondary) to the impaired functioning of the digestive fire. It is the indigestion of food. This is quite common in all individuals, right from infants to elderly people. It is usually accompanied by the …

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