Wonder Milk - Buttermilk

Wonder Milk – Buttermilk


Buttermilk is an age-old recipe that is quite common in our households. As soon as we hear the term we are reminded of churning and adding water. But, how many of us know the exact quantity of water that needs to be added and the benefits it yields. Here’s some information regarding the wonders of buttermilk.

Buttermilk is light in nature, sour and astringent in taste, increasing the digestive power, strength, and complexion. It can be used in diseases like oedema, hemorrhoids, gastro intestine problems, urinary system diseases, anemia.


– Ghola – Buttermilk prepared just by churning and without adding water.

– Mathitha – An equal amount of water is added.

– Udasvit – Half amount of water is added.

– Takra – One-fourth amount of water is added.


– Kaphaja roga – Buttermilk from which all the butter is removed, which will be dry in nature helps cure kaphaja type of diseases.

– Pittaja roga – Buttermilk on which only half of the butter is removed.

– Vataja roga – Buttermilk in which butter is not removed helps cure vata predominant diseases

Wonder Milk - Buttermilk


A linctus made with paddy powder and buttermilk in the evening followed by buttermilk with meat soup or moong dal soup +  saindhava lavana helps ease the trouble


The buttermilk which is not too thick, sweet in taste with the butter removed helps relieve GI symptoms.

– In Vata, predominant GI diseases buttermilk should be taken with long pepper and rock salt.

– In Pitta, predominant GI diseases buttermilk with sugar and licor rice helps.

– In Kapha, predominant GI diseases buttermilk should be processed with cumin, ginger, long pepper, pepper, rock salt, honey.

– In spleen related diseases takra with sesame oil, dill seeds, sweet flag, Indian costus, honey, ginger.

– In case of obstruction takra with cumin, rock salt, ajwain.

The dosage of buttermilk should be increased gradually and then decreased gradually. It can be taken for a span of 7,10,15 or 30 days based on one’s own body type, strength, and digestive power. Consumption of buttermilk by following such rules helps in gaining maximum benefits.

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