Yo Yo Gut !!

Dr. Tehreem Khan suggests that yoghurt/curd Is not recommended during Winters & Monsoons as it produces Kapha, Blocks Sinuses, Makes You Prone To Cough, Cold and Allergies.Yoghurt is considered a “super food” and there are many who love having it “daily”. Yoghurt is consumed for one or more of the following reasons-

🗹 Considered as probiotics to gain good gut bacteria

🗹 For Losing weight

🗹 For glowing skin

🗹 Mid meal or meal with fruits or salads

🗹 For Bloating

🗹 Specific at night as a light meal However people consuming Yoghurt may also notice –

🗹 Cold, running nose, sneezing too often with seasonal change ? (chronic allergic rhinitis)

🗹 Allergic to smoke, perfumes or strong smell and starts sneezing ?

🗹 Allergic to AC and sneezing while in AC

🗹 Skin rashes or unresolved skin issues

🗹 Headaches / Migraine?

🗹 Breathlessness for unknown reason

🗹 Irregular menstrual cycle

🗹 Get up in the morning with stiffness in joints and puffiness on face

Yoghurt is considered a ‘Superfood’ for Yo Yo Gut, however as per Ayurveda Yoghurt (also known as Curd and Dahi) is known to cause1. Abhishyandi – Having property to block small channels in the body restricting the flow of the system2. Imbalances all three Dosha – seat for all illness3. Specifically Increasing Kapha affecting your respiratory systemHeavy to digest – specially worst in monsoon when your Agni (digestive fire) is weak.

Ayurveda recommends having yoghurt only when A person does not suffer from one or more of the issues mentioned above.

🗹 A person with strong agni And Ayurveda does not recommend yoghurt. During the nights.

🗹 As an all season food.

🗹 During Covid-19 pandemicSo avoiding Yoghurt on Cold and Moist days may make a difference.

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